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Made In America

Made in USA

While so many manufacturing jobs are leaving the United States for the sake of quick profit, Portacool® has not only survived but thrived. They have done this with a focus on quality, ingenuity and good ol’ fashioned hard work.

We salute you, Portacool®, for putting the American worker first!

Air moving past water causes the water to evaporate. The heat necessary to cause evaporation is drawn out of the passing airstream and the air is cooled. The human body uses this same principle to control body temperature. Sweat evaporates, cooling the skin, any by extension the body.

Modern evaporative cooler uses a fan to draw outside air through filter pads, wetted by a pump. Water trickles down from the top of the pads, filtering out air of impurities and lowering the air temperature due to the evaporation of water.

This is the magic of evaporative cooling.

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How Evaporative Cooling Pads Work